CMS Based Development

These days, Content Management Systems (popularly known as CMS) are often used to build websites. CMS is mainly used for the websites where contents need to change for very often. Each CMS comes with ready to use “Administration” section. This enables anybody (just anybody) to edit, add or remove text contents and images from the website. So, every time you plan to update your website contents, you don’t have to pay hefty amounts to some HTML developer.

Among Content Management Systems, the Open Source ones are very popular eg: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. The One Infotech has successfully customized, implemented and developed many CMS based website and portals.

Why CMS?

  • Easy to understand and use Administrator section. The Administrator section enables anybody (even if you are not familiar with HTML) to Add, Modify or Delete contents from the            website.
  • Most of the CMS generated codes are W3C compliant.
  • Most of the popular Content Management Systems have Open Source versions. The Open Source versions are supported by active Communities.
  • Each of Content Management Systems has no. of free or paid modules available. These modules can be easily installed and integrated to CMS to add new feature or functionalities.
  • Newsfeed managers of CMS help to display contents from other sources on the website.
  • Search engine friendly URLs are supported.
  • Most of the Content Management Systems are easily upgradable from one version to other.