Company Infrastructure

“A professional body who work every day to excel to the next level. A supportive infrastructure to help these seeds grow.”

The One Infotech is a leading SEO Website Design Company. We have more than 100 full-time executives who are highly trained professional experts in Internet marketing and related strategies. Our staff is distributed to various teams like Social Media team, Marketing team, SEO team and so on. All reams are supervised by Project Managers and each team is specialized in its arena and has a team leader along with many team members. Our top priority is always our customers and their single-point of contact is maintained and established by our Customer Experience Managers.

We have a robust E-Commerce Infrastructure that means to suit our client’s requirements it incorporates high-speed, reliability and data networks, world-class technology supported by the highly experienced technical support team in our office. Our infrastructure is completely easy to upgrade that ensures we consistently provide our services that can be scaled according to clients requirements within expected timeframes.

Our Company Infrastructure Includes:

 Our office is equipped with good furniture and fittings.

All network connections in our office have redundant ports as standby.

Alternative redundant broadband lines as a backup for the Internet.

Capable of accessing multiple data /document and multiple database-servers.

To provide client support through emails, web chat, VOIP and telephones we have dedicated lines available for 24/7/365.

Routers, Modem, High-End Servers, Licensed Software, Cozy architecture and Systems, Cabling Design, Customary Data Backup, Multi-pronged approach, Friendly environment, shield proof external breach and all essential facilities are on hand.

On Operating systems and Software we have Regular Preventive Maintenance.

24/7/365 Power Availability, support via phone, chat or messengers.

Security guard controlled building access.

Traffic filtering and access control services.

High availability of high-speed internet connection (leased line).

Direct access to the key persons occupied in the project.

Refined Project Management System.

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