Quality Policy

Many of our staff have been used to dealing with large business and commercial systems requiring a high level of quality control and checking. We apply such procedures to our website and marketing work. We are currently in the process of achieving ISO9001 accreditation.

Website Design Quality

Here we believe, designing website is an art as it requires creativity, skills and innovative instinct. Thus while designing website, apart from just making it original and creative we also validate several website codes and test each and every website of ours on all the latest and advanced browsers like: Safari, IE8, IE9, IE10, FireFox, and Chrome. We not only test our entire created website on various monitor sizes, screen resolution but also on both Macs and PCs. It helps us in offering our clientele with the website that efficiently works on all monitors and display units. Each website goes through rigorous test procedures to check their accessibility, colorblind issues, working of all links (external or internal) plus also the links to other websites. All these processes and thorough tests help us delivering a professional website. The One Infotech has its own set of tests, verifying procedures and quality checks that every website has to pass before reaching our patrons.

Search Engine Optimization Quality

SEO can be achieved through various software; there are several individuals who believe so. But they are not aware of the facts that those softwares may blacklist your website from Google due to various spam techniques. And The One Infotech team understands all those minute details of a Quality SEO service well and utilize proven and successful ways to offer you higher search engine ranking. When it comes to acquiring links to websites, we pay special attention that the links don’t get in contact with those links that are likely to affect your website adversely.

We feel proud of ourselves for offering Quality SEO Services and having a team of SEO professionals that carry out whole procedure efficiently. They have great knowledge and experience of SEO techniques; from keyword generation to content writing, link building everything is done by our team. This helps us to keep greater control over the quality work execution.

We have series of different levels of Website Design SEO that range from twice weekly checks to bi-annual checks. These series or different levels are part of our plan of action to ensure that website is perfectly working and functioning at its best. We keep a close eye to ensure that there is nothing that can hold back the search robots from indexing and be viewing the particular website. With this passion and dedication, we have managed to sustain in this competitive world with our head held up high over a decade.

Accessibility Audit

We always stick to our passion for Quality Website Design And SEO with various tools and apparatus. We have always designed websites that exceed the various accessibility tests.Some of our tools include: automated accessibility checkers, JAWS screen reader or Jobs Access With Speech. Both these tools are very versatile and trusted to offer a better website experience.